Saturday, 16 June 2012

Review | No.7 Nail varnish

So Boots recently did their No.7 £5 voucher offer (which seems to pop up a lot), so I took the opportunity to get one of their nail varnishes. I would never pay full price for this, £7?! I know £7 isn't that bad, with brands like O.P.I and Essie, but this is just No.7. However, take £5 off, and I'm snapping up a huge 10ml bottle for £2! I do love a bargain! I picked up the colour 'Me! Me! Me!' (250). This is a gorgeous bright pink, and it really looks great on the nails.
This glides on so well, and when its fully dry, it's so smooth! I've had it in for an entire week now, and it hasn't chipped once! And that's without a top coat! The brush on this is great, as it's rounded at the end, which is perfect for the bottom of the nail.
This dries so quick! I put on 1 thin coat, then by the time I've finished 1 hand it's dry again so I do my second coat. I leave it at 2 coats, as the colour is just amazing, it's really opaque. Bonus!
You get a lot of product for £7, so, really, I guess the price isn't that much to pay, although I'm more of a Barry M girl.
Sadly, I think the £5 vouchers have stopped again ( :(  )
What did you buy with your No.7 voucher?


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