Friday, 19 October 2012

15 Reasons to Follow my Blog!

1. When I see someone follows me, I check out their blog (if they have one) and most often follow back!

2. It makes my heart swell and I'm super happy for a life time!

3. I reallyyyyyy want to do giveaways! But I don't see much point when I have just 5 (lovely) followers

4. It's the most amazing feeling knowing that people are actually following your blog.

5. I promise my posts will get better, and hopefully, better picture quality will be coming soon!

6. Part of the reason I started blogging was to make new friends and meet people, so when I get a follow, I feel like I'm getting one step closer to that.

7. I like to think I'm funny...I'm not, but I can still think it!;)

8. I'm young and learning........ I want to share my experiences with you!

9. I'm doing my Duke of Edinburgh and will most likely blog the best bits, or maybe vlog if I'm confident enough...

10. My blog is more than just beauty, I just kind of blog whatever I feel like, so you know.....

11. I like shopping......

12. I get people GREAT presents! Haha!

13. I love a llllll my followers!

14. I'm pretty interactive. I reply to all comments, and I love when people talk to me on twitter ( Abbie_Dabbie1)

15. Since I'm new to blogging, no doubt I'll be making a fool of myself. Which, you know, could be pretty funny...

So yeah, 15 reasons to follow my blog. I'm not to sure why I decided to write this, but there you go! Follow me you lovely people! Heehee!

Talk to you soon!


  1. lovely and sweet post :) xxx

  2. Great text! =)


  3. A lovely post!
    I'm a new follower :


    1. Oh, thank you for following me! I returned the favour;) <3Xxx