Friday, 16 November 2012

My mini Christmas gift guide!


Once again, I've gone more than a week without posting. I really need to get my head round frequent posting... *Sets reminder in phone*.
I have been getting SO excited for Christmas recently (39 days!) and I've already started to buy some gifts for my friends. When looking for something to blog about, I thought 'Why not just blog my presents for people?' So...I am. I say this is a Christmas gift guide just because I hope my idea may spark some inspiration for you. 
So, for my close friends that aren't exactly my best friends, this is what I am doing. I thought the best way to do this would be to do a step by step guide I guess?
I'm also really sorry for the lack of photos in this post! I did try to transfer all my iPod photos on to my laptop, but my laptop decided to throw a tantrum and refuse. It's also refusing to copy and paste. Hurumph. When it comes down from it's strop, I'll come back and add some photos.

Step 1

Get a few Christmas gift bags in a medium to small size. You'll need as many as the amount of people you do this for.

Step 2

Get some mini gift sets. Things like lip balms, glosses, body spray, shower gels, body butters, what ever you want! I've gotten lots of miniatures, but obviously you can do full sized things.

Step 3

Open them all! Yep, just rip off all that packaging.

Step 4

Get one of each miniature (or full sized) and put it in one of the bags. Make sure every bag has one of each item from your different gift sets. 

Step 5

If you want to, wrap up all of the miniatures. After all, what is Christmas without ripping off the wrapping paper? And also, it is fun to wrap things (Or is it just me?)

Step 6

Close up your bags. You can add ribbon to the straps to make them look prettier. Tie some tags on and write the names and a nice little message on each one.

Step 7

Wait until nearer Christmas, and then hand them out to your friends

Step 8

Feel all proud when all your friends thank you for their amazing presents!

So, let me know what YOU are doing for your friends and maybe it'll give me some inspiration as well.  
Talk to you later!


  1. I love gift guides! Thanks for the post :)

  2. Hi Abbie! I saw that you were following me on Twitter (@BeautSparkles now @NSBeautyblog) and had to check out your blog! I was laughing to myself as I read the beginning of this blog post as it sounds exactly the same as mine, I always go through phases of completely forgetting to post!! Love this blog post, its such a cute idea and looks like it would save some money in the long run! I might have to do this myself :).
    x x x

    1. Awww, thank you:) I'm so bad at posting on a schedule! You put a verrrrryyyy big smile on my face with this comment :D