Saturday, 17 November 2012

A-Z of Abbie!

Hello again!
2 posts in 2 days? My oh my, this makes a change! I saw this little tag thingy on the beautiful Georgia Budd's blog. I thought I'd give it a little go, so here are my answers!
Age?   15

Bed Size?   A single :/ I have a VERY small room.

Chore You Hate?  Probably the hoovering, but I don't actually do it that much... Just when I'm made to!

Dream Room?   I'd quite like this special paint thats makes your walls like a big chalk board, that you can rub clean after drawing all over it. I think it would be a good thing to waste time when I'm bored. Either that, or make it blue with grass, then do a big tree trunk, and have all my family and friends dip their hands in green paint and make leaves with their handprints... I would love both.

Education?   I'm doing my second year of GCSE's (I'm in year 10, but we started GCSE's early) so I already have 2 of my GCSE's done and dusted :) 

Favourite Colour?   I absolutely love Purple!

Great Achievement?   Maybe my Distinction in Performing Arts? I was really proud of that. 

Height?   5 foot 9. I hate being tall... I can never wear high heels, and I'm taller than most of the people in my year. :/

Instruments I Play? Not to blow my own trumpet (Get it? ;)  ) But I am quite a musical person. I play violin, guitar, recorder (doesn't everybody?) Ukelele and a bit of piano!

Job Title?    I don't have one. I've been trying so hard to get one, but my age kinda doesn't help...

Kids? Oh yes, I have 5! Not really, I'm 15, of course I don't!

Live?   To be broad I live in West Yorkshire. And no, I don't speak Yorkshire at all, I was born in London, and grew up in a really nice area in Hull.

Motivations?  I don't want to seem stupid, but I don't get this one....  Maybe my dreams and goals in life? 

Nicknames?  Well, at Primary school, one boy occasionaly called me 'Triangle teeth' as when I was younger I had an accident that means I have to have caps on my teeth, so when they came out (which they do often) it looked like triangles. My old best friend always called me Dabbie, and other ones; Abzkerbabz, Abbie, Abz, Ab,  Flabbie (A REALLY annoying year 8 -.-) And that's about it.

Overnight Hospital Stays? None except when I was born

Pet Peeves?  Hypocrites! Hypocritical people REALLY irk me!

Quote: Is this meant to be a quote of what I've said or a famous person? I'll do one of both just in case. SO erm, one of my own that I said recently that was pretty stupid 'When was George Clooney president?' as I honestly thought he did used to be. And then a famous one... 'A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world'-Leo Buscaglia

Right or Left Handed? Right

Shops I Love? I'm going to sound sooo cheap, but Primark. It's just great, bargain prices! I also like places like boots, New look, Topshop and River Island.

Time I Wake Up? 7:20, I started off just waking up at this time for school, but my body has just gotten used to it so I've started waking up at this time on weekends and holidays too.

Ultimate Food? Flame grilled steak McCoys! They're soo good! I love pringles too. And sun bites. And snack a jacks. Lets just go with crisps...

Vacations?  I've been to Disney world Florida, Disney land Paris, Menorca and Egypt. Four holidays in 15 years of life. I have a lot of holidays mentally planned in my head for the future though.

What Makes You Run Late?  Doing my hair and make-up. Or getting my uniform on for school. It's such a drag getting out of my PJ's

X-Rays I've Had? When I had my braces put on I had some X-rays, and then a couple of weeks ago I sprained and bruised the bones in my wrist. It hurt.

Yummy Food I Make? I cook quite a bit because I'm doing GCSE Catering, so I'm always making lots of food, which usually ends up tasting good.

Zoo Animals?  Otters and Giant Otters :)

And there we have it!
If you give this a go, let me know so I can check it out! :)
I've bought quite a lot recently, so be looking out for a collective haul coming soon! 


  1. Yep the recorder is a must! lol And I live in west Yorks too. Great A-Z!


    1. I think recorder is just one of those things everyone knows! And really? Where abouts? I'm glad you liked it :)Xx

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog, great post! I love your quote haha! xxx

  3. I have a tiny room too.. it's ridiculous! The fact that I'm a slight hoarder doesn't help my situation, there's literally clothes, shoes, and beauty products everywhere, but I don't want to throw any away!!