Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas traditions!

Can you believe it's December already?! I'm struggling to get my head round it! With only 22 days left until Christmas, I think that my blog will mostly consist of Christmas posts for a little while...I hope you don't mind!

16198_499426090078379_283252301_n_largeI thought I'd start off with a little post about Christmas traditions. I think when I was younger, I had a lot more, but I'm happily expanding them too!

1. Piling the presents


I am ALWAYS the first person in the house up, and I'm 'banned' from waking anyone up before 8. That means I have 2 and a half hours to kill before getting up, so to take up some of that time, I go downstairs, to all the presents, and put them in piles in front of the sofa for each person. Then, when they come down, they find their pile and sit with it! 

2. After dinner games

This may not exactly count as a tradition, but every Christmas after dinner, we play things like cluedo, monopoly, some card game I always forget the name of, and whatever extra game my mums bought that year. 

3. Playing Just Dance

My mums got in to the habit of buying me the newest Just Dance EVERY Christmas. I've never had to buy any of them, because I just have to wait and get it. So that means that every evening, we push the sofa back and dance off alllllllll the chocolate. 

4. Reading

Not just any book...'The night before Christmas'. Every year just before bed I read this (how sad does that sound?) But it just reminds me of the fact that it's Christmas day. 

5. Snow walks

This is quite a new one really, but every afternoon we take my 2 dogs for a walk over the snowy hills whilst sniffling from the cold!

6. Stocking delivery

Oh dear, now this will sound a bit of an odd one. My friend actually started this tradition with me a little while back. She knocks on my door every year late on Christmas Eve. I open the door to see her dressed as an elf, my other friend dressed as Santa, and Santa's dog dressed as a reindeer, then I get given a nice little stocking, a kiss on the cheek and then they leave. It's a bit odd, but I go with it because it's nice and pretty sweet.

7. Ornaments

Me and my brother have made this little tradition where every year, one of the presents we get for each other is some sort of tree decoration... I'm looking forward to when I move out one day, having them all on my tree so I can remember what a great brother I have :)

I think that's about it! Some of them you may not think really count as Christmas traditions, but they do to me! I'm glad I have them, because they make the day that bit more special!
Do you have any special Christmas traditions? Do we share any?

Speak to you soon!

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