Thursday, 5 July 2012

7 things for 7 days | How did I do?

Hey guys!
So last week, I took part in Louise's (sprinkle of glitter) interactive 7 things for 7 days (Here!), and now I'm going to do a kind of, how did I do type of post, so...
(1) Don't be afraid to spend!
So basically, this was just to invest better in my make-up. I was going to buy Mac's studio sculpt foundation, but I didn't exactly splash out in the end. I bought Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream (Review coming soon!). Which was between £6-£9, I got mine on offer in ASDA for £6 but I know it's a lot more than that. So not exactly achieved.
(2) Get a different skin care routine!
I am so glad I did this! I have noticed a MASSIVE change with my skin, and I'm so happy about it! It didn't cost me a small fortune, as I didn't get a completely new range of products, I kept some stuff, swapped other things, bought some new things, and I'm so impressed! I really recommend doing this, if, like me, you start to feel like your skin care routine isn't having an effect.
(3) Make something!
I made an iPod case actually. I'm really amazed with it. A lot of people have asked where I got it from, so me and my friend (Who made them with me, and is my brothers girlfriend, haha) are thinking of making and selling them, I'll probably do another post on that though.
(4) Get reading!
I have been SO busy this week, I haven't had chance to just sit down and relax with a book. I wish I had of done this one, maybe next time.
(5) Sort out!
Once again, time got away from me. I still have to stare them tragic outfits in the face. Sigh.
(6) Blog!
Not exactly. I actually have a lot of stuff in draft that I have written though, so I have blogged....kind of....I'll be posting them soon!
(7) Meet people!
No, not yet. I haven't even really sat down at the computer this week, so haven't exactly had a chance. It's definitely something I want to do though :)

OK so that's my update on my 7 things for 7 days. How do you think I did? Not great, I have to admit. I'll be writing another 7 things for 7 days soon, I think it's a really good idea, as it kind of motivates you to reach your goals.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Good post :) It's good to reflect on what you wanted to do! It doesn't matter if you did them or not but sometimes you just end up doing the things that really need to be done or the fun ones like being crafty

    Tanesha x!/pages/Tanesha-Marie/398868296832682

    1. Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it! I just hopped over to your blog and followed you :)
      Abbie Xxx