Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rainy days!

Hi everyone!
I can't believe how long I haven't blogged for! That's so bad! I'll try not to do it again!

So, if you live in England, you know how rubbish our weather is right now. I don't mind this weather, when it's Winter, and supposed to be like this, but when it's meant to be Summer?! Where's our sun?! With this grey sky, it's hard to keep cheery. But, there are ways to keep bright and smiley in this dull and dreary weather! But how? Well....

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You could...

Have a pampering session!
Who doesn't love to be treated like a goddess? And in the comfort of your own home! You could have a manicure, pedicure, face mask, whatever you want! You could invite some friends and have a girls night in.

Wash away the blues!
Who doesn't love going in to soap shops (Lush anyone?) and smelling all the products? Everybody loves it, right? I'm sure you all have a few bath bombs or soap or bath oils etc. etc. Next time you have a bath or shower, use them! Let the blue days go down the plug hole!

Watch Movies, Movies, Movies!
Can't stand looking out at the rain? Close the curtains, get a hot drink, and pull the covers over you. You could spend hours trapped in your house by the rain, just think about how many films you could watch in that time! Re-discover your favourite films, you'll soon forget what's going on outside!

Make use of magazines!
Read a magazine once, find information useful, think you'll remember it, throw away the magazine, forget the information. Ever happened to you? Collect some old magazines, or get some friends to give you some, you could even go and buy some magazines (and get some great freebies!) Cut out bits you find useful, or even just pictures you like, and do something with them! You could stick them in a notebook, Put them in a binder photo, or even make a wall display! Now whenever you want to look back at the information, it'll all be in one handy place!

Right now, I have about 3 books which I haven't finished reading, so when there's a little extra time, why not just have a bit of winding down time to read?

Discover the baker in you!
Mmmm, fresh cookies or brownies, still warm from the oven, what a better way to forget the drearyness (Is that a word?) of 'Summer'. You'll be really proud that you've made something delicious, and you'll have so much fun making things! String a friend in to baking with you, and you'll have twice as much fun!
Make something!
Get crafty, and make something nice! It doesn't have to be for you, you could make something for a friend or family, spread the joy! Yey!

Have a shopping trip!
Ok, so, when it rains, people shy away from going shopping really. But think, if you shy away, so do many other people. I have no doubt you don't have an in-door shopping centre near you. All the shops are out of the rain, and you can walk freely from shop to shop under a roof. You'll have a stress free shop, as many people will stay in doors.

Get things done around your house!
Been putting off the dusting? Hoovering? Well, there's no excuse now! Catch up on your house chores and get them out of the way, then you can enjoy your rainy days guilt free!

Enjoy the sound of the rain!
This might seem quite boring, but why not turn off the TV, computer, everything, open the window, lie down and just enjoy the soothing sound of the rain on the roof/window. You'll kill so much time without even realising.
I hope this has given you a few ideas of how you can turn that dreary frown, upside down. Always look for the silver lining on them grey clouds, and try and enjoy the great British 'Summer'. I really hope you found this useful, and has given you some ideas. If you have kids, you could include them in every single one, you can also get your friends and family involved as much as you can. Enjoy your rainy days! Bye everyone!

Thanks for reading!

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