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Review | Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Hey guys!
Today I have a review for you. In my '7 things for 7 days' post, I said that I wanted to buy something make-up wise that is a bit more expensive. I wouldn't say that what I bought was expensive really, but I'll admit that for me, my foundation was £1.99...Which would explain why it's so rubbish! I was going to get Macs Studio Fix foundation, but I'd been wanting a BB Cream for quite a while, which is why I bought...... Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream  Boots price : £7.99

The packaging for this is quite simple, but I really like it. The top colour is different on every tube depending on colour. All together there's 4 shades, Light, Medium, Dark and Universal Glow.  I have this in light, which is the palest shade they have. I think the colour range is fairly good, as the colours do blend quite well, however not the best of BB creams I've seen. 
The smell to this is... well it's not great. I have to admit that the smell of a product means a lot to me. I don't buy something just because it smells nice, but you know, it's a nice bonus.
This claims to have 8 benefits:
(1) Creates a natural glow
(2) Compliments skin tone
(3) SPF30 UV protection
(4) Hydrates all day
(5) Blurs Imperfections
(6) Oil free, non-greasy
(7) Looks visibly smooth
(8) Feels fresh
I really like this product. I put it on before foundation and after moisturiser, but sometimes I don't put foundation on, as this does such a good job! BB stands for blemish balm, and was first created for soldiers to blur out their scars. This blurs blemishes so well! I can get quite a spotty T-zone, and this just covers them up! It reduces the redness, and makes them look so much smaller, if not invisible! By the time I've applied this, concealer and foundation, you'd think my skin was flawless, Yey! This works really well as covering up my under eye circles too! I also quite like the finish of this, as it gives an almost dewy finish. If you have quite oily skin, this might not be a good thing. I have such annoying skin, in some places it's normal, some patches of dry, and then some oily parts, but this leaves an even finish. It isn't drying, and leaves skin feeling nice and smooth. After applying this, I feel more awake, and it leaves my face feeling SOO smooth! Also, SPF30? Bonus! I never put screen-screen on my face on a day to day basis, unless it's really hot, so it's great, I never have to worry about whether I remembered  to put on sun cream. This is a 30 ml tube, however, you only need a little bit. I found that if you apply too much, it can feel quite cakey and greasy.
Overall, I'm enjoying this product, and will be repurchasing this once I have run out of it. If you are wanting to try out a BB Cream, I would recommend this one if you don't have oily skin, however , I think this is too dewy (Is that the right word) for more oily skin.

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