Monday, 2 July 2012

Tag time! About me!

Hello Everyone!
When I follow a blog, I like the fact that I feel I know a bit about the person I'm following. I realised that my blog has no information about me, hence... the 'about me' tag! This tag is quite old now, so you probably all know it, but it's a good way to find out about me and get to know me a little more. One of my '7 things for 7 days' (Here!) was to meet new people, and this just helps some more. I know this tag is usually done on youtube, although I kind of want to do youtube videos, I'm a bit worried that people will just kind of hate them, or be rude about them....hmmmm, anyway, without further a do, the questions!

(1) Do you have a middle name?
Yes, my middle name is Ella! And if it wasn't obvious, my first name is Abbie :)
(2) What was your favourite subject in school?
Well, I'm still in education, but I would say either Art or Drama... Oooh, I quite like Catering too!
(3) What's your favourite drink?
It's quite bad, but I love things like Diet Coke, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero ( I don't like full fat Coke or Pepsi) yet the drink that I have most is water
(4) Favourite song at the moment?
I don't really have a favourite song at the moment...or any moment actually. My favourite type is pop. Hmmm....
(5) What would you name your children?
For a girl, Ebony. I don't know why I love this name so much but yes, I just love it. For a boy, I think either Jacob or Samuel ( Short : Jake and Sam) but I'm not too sure on that. Anyway, it's gonna be a loooong time before I'm choosing a name!
(6) Do you participate in any sports?
When I was younger, I used to do a LOT of swimming, but now I just kind of do dance, and that's about it, if dance even counts? I walk my dogs?
(7) Favourite book?
I LOVE all of Sophie Kinsella's books! Seriously love them! I've read all of them like 5 times? It's hard to pick a favourite!
(8) Favourite colour?
Purple, Oh and Navy too!
(9) Favourite Animal?
Otters! I think they're adorable :')
(10) Favourite perfume?
I love Britney Spears perfume so much! Like 'Midnight Fantasy' and my favourite ' Radiance' ('Cosmic radiance' I find quite bad though) I also like 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs
(11) Favourite Holiday?
I recently went to Egypt, that would of been amazing if I didn't keep getting asked how many Camels I was worth, and didn't get food poising -_- I really enjoyed Egypt though, but I would have to say Disney world Florida! I went in 2006, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Ooooh how I miss it!
(12) Have you graduated High School?
No :( 
(13) Have you been out of the country?
Yes! Not a lot though really, I've been to Manorca, Egypt, Paris and Florida :)
(14) Do you speak any other languages? 
I know a bit of Spanish! I've done my Spanish GCSE, but won't find out my results until August
(15) Do you have any siblings?
I have a brother! He's 3 years older than me and his name is Christian (named after an actor apparently)
(16) What's your favourite store?
Prrimark! It's just so cheap and has nice clothes and stuff. I love it! (How cheap do I sound? Haha)
(17) Favourite Restaurant?
Frankie and Benny's. All the way. I love their pizza's, and their pasta's , and you know....everything...Hmmm really want a Frankie and Benny's now!
(18) Did you like school?
Well, I'm still at school, but no. There are lot's of things about school I love, like some of the teachers I have, and the subjects I have, My friends, I even quite like homework (How lame?! ) It gives me something to do. But I hate it in the morning when I wake up, and all I can do is think about 1 thing that slightly worries me and blow it up. Like if I haven't done my homework, I'll worry like mad and then nothing will happen, and I hate the whole Popular-not-popular thing. :/
(19) Favourite Youtubers?
My favourite question so far! There are so many that I love, but I'll narrow it down to 3... Firstly, Fleurdeforce! (Here!) Then, Zoella280390, who doesn't love her?! (Here!) But I LOVE Sprinkleofglitter! (Here!) I'll link their blogs too, in the same order
(20) Favourite Movie?
I don't really have just 1, Though I do really like 50 First Dates!
(21) Favourite TV show?
I have so many! I like the American Sitcom kinda thing, I really like Friends, but E4 has all my favourites on, like Rules of Engagement, How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, and then my 3 ultimate favourites, Revenge, 2 Broke Girls, and Don't trust the Bitch in apartment 23 :D
(22) PC or Mac?
I don't really know this one, I love Mac's, so much, but PC's can be easier to use... Hmmm
(23) What phone do you have?
I have a HTC Wildfire. I don't really use it, I have an iPod touch, so I use that to talk people (iMessage) My phone hasn't had credit in so long! I still use it for internet and apps though
(24) How tall are you?
I'm 5'7. I don't know what to think of my height, I like that I'm tall, because I think tall people suit some things better, the same as smaller people suit some things better, but I like that I have quite long legs. However, it means that I look ridiculously tall when I wear heels, which I hate :/ I love wearing heels, but I try to find some with smaller heels, which aren't always as nice

 12 Personal Questions!
(1) What do you order at Starbucks?
I'm so boring, I either have Diet Coke or Hot chocolate with Caramel. I don't really get Coffee stuff usually, I will sometimes, especially at Christmas, when they do their Christmas ones. If I eat, I usually just get a Ham and Mustard Panini... How boring am I?!
(2) One thing in your closet you cannot live without?
This is really boring, but just plain black leggings, I wear them all the time! They seem to go with everything!
(3) What's one thing most people probably don't know about you?
Hmm, this is actually quite a big one because there is actually quite a lot. I'm a very open book, but I only say things if I think it's relevant to the conversation, I don't just bring stuff up about myself, and if people ask me I'll always tell them. One thing a lot of people are kind of shocked about when I tell them is my ear piercings. I only have 2, but I'm hoping to get a 3rd for my next birthday. But, I got my piercings when I was just 6 months old. A lot of people say they would hate that, but I'm actually quite pleased. I don't think I would have the guts to get them pierced now, because anything to do with needles I hate, so yes, I'm secretly pleased about that, yeah I don't think most people know how old I was
(4) Name one thing you want to do before you die
I can't really think, I'll be honest, I'm not a very adventurous person. I guess I'd just like to travel around the world, does that count?
(5) What's one food you cannot live without?
Brownies! They're a rare treat, but god, a life without Brownies isn't a life at all...Mmmm Brownies
(6) What quote/Phrase do you live by?
I don't really live by one, but theres one that I quite like, I first heard this in an assembly, and it's always stuck in my mind, 'If you always do, what you've always done, You'll always get, what you've always got'
(7) What's your most listened to song on iTunes?
*Checks iTunes* I found a boy, by Adele
(8) What kind of style would you define yourself as having?
I wouldn't really say I have a style to be honest. If I like something, and I feel comfortable in it, I'll get it, and wear it. I just buy things that I like really. I am a legging-a-holic though :L
(9) Favourite number?
49. It used to be 7...I guess I just squared it and it became 49. I have no idea though why that's my favourite number, I just like it...
(10) Two Hobbies?
Well, I like blogging! Oh and shopping! But then I like make-up too! There, I've made it three, Heehee!
(11) Two pet peeves?
Hypocrites, You know like when people say ' I hate that person, because they talk all the time' but they actually talk all the time (That's such a bad example!) and Slow computers! They annoy me so much! By the time it finally loads, your not really bothered any more. I just want to throw my laptop at the wall sometimes...
(12) Guilty pleasures?
Aaaah, ok. I hate to say it but......Glee. It's so cheesy, I know how cheesy it is, but I can't help it. I love it! A whole hour of people dancing and singing, as well as drama! GO FINCHEL! Ahahaha

Anyway, I hope you feel you know me a bit better! I have no doubt you haven't already done this tag, but I tag anyone who hasn't! I think I'm going to do some more tags, who doesn't love a good tag? Yes, tag time!
Haha, well, I have a review coming up soon, it's in the making and tomorrow, my 7 things for 7 days update, so hopefully, I won't have to keep having gaps, I might make a load of blog posts, and then just publish them at different times so it's a nice length between posts...Yey!
Bye everyone!
Talk to you next time!

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